Muay thai kick tutorial

muay thai kick tutorial

Paul Gilligan, Muay Thai Kru and Head Instructor of Waterloo Street Gym in Bolton is here filmed by the. The most devastating kick in martial arts is the roundhouse kick. There is significant technique to the muay Thai roundhouse kick, though. I'm going to walk you. Somapat Sitiwatjana (Master A), former Pro Muay Thai fighter, Kru and Head Instructor of Master A's. Photos courtesy of Shutterstock. This kick generates superior force by weight transfer and connecting to the ground, versus the snapping motion that many other martial arts kicks use. My goal is to become a professional champion and fight the best in the world. Wake Up and Move. Professional fighters have thrown the same roundhouse kicks https m mybet com of times to work on their technique, power and speed… you should be doing the same! However I do plan on head kicking someone someday so watch out! How to Prevent and Treat Cauliflower Ear and If It Means You Might Always Be Single.

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Muay thai kick tutorial Hyundai
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muay thai kick tutorial


5 Common Muay Thai Roundhouse Mistakes: Perfect Your Kick



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